Why we are asking for your money

Habitat for Humanity is well known for our volunteer projects. In many ways volunteers are the heart and soul of Habitat, but some things just cost money. We are contacted by far more families in need than we are able to help. I am happy to report that with your support, and the support of the philanthropic and business communities we are growing, but there is still a staggering amount of need.

How Habitat Works

Habitat for Humanity builds strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter. Habitat for Humanity doesn’t give away homes. We sell homes to a low-income families  who have completed a rigorous application process. Our typical homeowner falls between 30% – 80% of the median household income, but would have difficulty receiving financing through traditional bank lending. They must complete 350 hours of “sweat equity” on their home, or other projects we have under construction. In order to make the home more affordable CWHFH often will finance the purchase with a zero-percent mortgage, but the homeowner is responsible for making on-time payments, just as with a traditional bank mortgage.

Habitat for Humanity gives a “hand up, not a hand out.” We help hardworking, low-income families achieve the American Dream of owning a home.

Donate Today

Rest assured that we don’t ask for money lightly. Habitat for Humanity has been successful because we believe in offering a hand up instead of a hand out. Join us today in extending your hand. In 2018 we renovated two blighted homes and provided eight home repairs for low-income who own a house but were struggling to maintain it. With your help we can build on these successes and give our friends and neighbors the support that they need to thrive.

If you or your business are interested in a sponsorship opportunity with Central Westmoreland Habitat for Humanity you can learn more here, but please contact our Executive Director, Daniel Giovannelli (724-221-7510)

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