Project #1

Project House 1

Our first project on Maple Avenue in Greensburg was a perfect beginning to the Central Westmoreland chapter. We spent two years remodeling the donated house. Upon the project’s 1995 completion, Megan and her two children had a three-bedroom house to call their own.

Project #2

Project House 2

This Marguerite project took eight months to complete. Tom, Tammy and their three children moved in time for Christmas 1996.

Project #3

Project House 3

For this project, we purchased a Hostetter lot. Donated equipment made it possible to remove the vacant house that had existed on the lot for years. We held a house blessing for the completed two-bedroom ranch house in January 1999. Resident Linda Sue has since used her talents to build a large porch connected to her home.

Project #4

Project House 4

As part of this project, we purchased a nice modular home and moved it onto a new lot. We held the House Blessing for the new homeowner in December 1999.

Project #5

Project House 5

Every Saturday for almost a year, Nadene did sheet metal work, shoveled gravel, nailed studs, hung drywall and stained wood trim, as part of her “sweat equity” work. Now, Nadene and her children live in the two-story, three-bedroom house in Jeannette.

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