Accepting Applications for 2 houses in Greensburg

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We are nearing completion on our two houses on Jefferson Avenue in Greensburg and are looking for families in a need of a new home!
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Both houses are two bedroom, one bath and on a small lots near Westmoreland Hospital. To qualify families must be able to demonstrate 1) need for affordable housing, 2) ability to pay a subsidized, low or zero-interest mortgage, 3) willingness to partner with Habitat for Humanity.

Partnering with Habitat for Humanity isn’t like hiring a real estate agent. Its a partnership between a family and the community. We believe in a “hand-up, not hand out” philosophy so all of our families do purchase their house from Habitat. By relying on donated materials, volunteers and charitable contributions we are able to subsidize the home to reduce monthly payments and in most instances provide a Habitat financed zero-percent mortgage to further reduce payments.

For more information about how to apply please click here.

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