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Our Critical Home Repair projects are designed to make a significant improvement in the living situation of a family in a short period of time, for a modest expense. There is a woman in Belle Vernon that had been sleeping on the couch for ages. A group of college students installed the floor in her new first floor bedroom. Her home is safer and she is able to sleep in a bed again. Two elderly sisters in Crabtree can use their new ramp to safely enter and exit their home; previously they had been missing medical appointments because of the challenge of getting out of the house. The widow of a Marine Corp veteran has a new roof. She can again hook up her kitchen appliances without concern of the water leaking onto them. There is a couple in South Greensburg that are raising their granddaughter. Persistent flooding had rendered their basement unusable and created health and safety risks throughout the house. With a new internal french drain and a lot of cleanup the house is once again safe and fully livable.

Critical Home Repairs serve low-income families that own and live in their own home, but are unable to afford a repair that is necessary for the home’s ongoing habitability. We have wound down for 2017 but are looking forward to the 2018 construction season. To learn more and to download an application, please click here.

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